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Will Orange Foolius Blow Up The Iran Deal Tomorrow?


We will know tomorrow for a verifiable fact whether Orange Foolius is a Russian asset if he blows up the Iran deal made by the Obama administration. Personally, I am guessing that he will. 

Trump does not have a solitary care in the world for our allies, which is why I suspect he will 86 the Iran deal. Since this deal was made, there has been a glut of oil on the market which has caused gas prices to plummet. As one of the top producers of oil, Russia naturally doesn’t like Iran cutting into their profits because their state oil company is really owned by Putin.

The *ONLY* people who want to blow up this Iran deal are enemies of America.

Nothing would please him more than to ax that Iran deal so they go back under sanctions. Trump pulled us out of the Paris accords and has not made a good decision that I am aware of, so I am guessing he’s going to ax it. Tom Cotton has opposed it. Israel of course hates it and John Bolton has never shut up about it. So the adults -Macron and May- tried to reason with Trump and tried to explain what the deal actually means and they know they made no inroads into his primitive little mind. 

It was also one of his campaign promises that he promised to tear up the Iran deal on day one. Gutting this agreement will ensure there will be a nuclear arms race in the middle east. Israel has them and nobody else in the Midlle East. Saudis hate Iran as much as Iran hates them. It’s an ancient hatred that will eventually end in a nuclear exchange. There is a 100% chance of a nuclear exchange between Sunni and Shia if one or the other gets the weapon. 

No amount of logic or reason will prevent this because both are death cults who will destroy each other because god is on their side. Logic, facts and reason will also not influence Trump because he is a simpleton. So he will do what a simpleton would do. 

Oil Speculators have driven up the price of oil to $77 a barrel as of today. Oil companies make big profits when barrel prices are high. Rich investors love swings in the market because they are always on the better end of profits so of course, Trump has every intention of helping other rich people by taking more money from poor people. 

Of course breaking our agreement will blow up any deal with North Korea and whatever is left of American credibility. Trump will be solely responsible for shooting himself in the foot. He also has the motivation to get us talking about Iran rather than Rudy Giuliani being a moron. The consequences of Trump doing this cannot be overstated. It will be a bigger blunder than most Americans can understand with longstanding consequences which will have to be dealt with for generations to come. 

Naturally, this is one instance in which I will rejoice in being wrong. 

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