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We Haven’t Seen Corruption This Bad In American History

President Richard Nixon gestures sternly during a press conference in Washington in 1973. (AP Photo)

The Civil War never ended…. neither did slavery. They both morphed into what they are today. You need to be cognizant of those two facts if we are going to get through this storm of corruption that Republicans have inflicted upon us in a wanton act of sedition by electing Trump.

“Those libtards put that N-word in for 8 years, and he did everything wrong but put Karl Marx in charge.”

Rebellion flows through the veins of all Americans. Our country was born from the rebellion against the tyrant-king. There is however, a difference between rebellion and treason. When Lincoln won his election, the southern traitors tried to break our union. They were conservatives who could not stand the thought of a free black person with rights. Slavery was always a better economic option. When the meddlesome northerners started their war of northern aggression -that’s what it’s called in the South to this day- it was a betrayal that the grandchildren of traitors have not forgiven or forgotten.

For all the endless braying about red states saying they have to pay for blue states, none of it is rooted in fact. Kentucky gets $1.51 for every dollar they send to Washington, and that figure mildly fluctuates among the former confederate states. No red state, not one, returns more to Washington than they get back. It’s never said aloud, but to Southerners, this is how they extract reparations from the north for prosecuting a war they like to say was about “state’s rights” instead of slavery. Never give them that out. Only people who are completely ignorant of history believe it was about ‘state’s rights.’ They are rewriting text books to divert attention and to ignore these facts.

These are not good people either, they’re revisionists desperately trying to destroy their awful history, and they are *all* Republicans. They are also determined to destroy our government. They do not want to make it better, not ever. They want to bankrupt our nation and make us servile to foreign nations, like China who buy up our debt so we can use all of the tax revenues west of the Mississippi river to pay the interest on our national debt. Republicans do not want a strong America because they are incapable of governance, and they are more successful as a minority party when they can conceal their villainous hypocrisy while blaming Democrats for everything they have done. It is important to understand how we have allowed the cancer of Republicanism to flourish, to the degree that we have in just 15 months surrendered our democracy to the most putrid kakistocracy the world has ever known.

Tomorrow will be the 48th anniversary of Kent State. May 4th, 1970, was when Nixon broke every campaign promise he made to end the Vietnam war. He not only escalated the war, he added another 38,000 American soldiers and 2 million people in southeast Asia to his Butcher’s Bill. A lot of young and idealistic Americans were very unhappy with this war, and they protested its evil, including on the campus of Kent State in Ohio. Because of the civil unrest, National Guard troops were put onto the campus to quell the protests.

On the orders of Richard Nixon, armed American guardsman were put onto a college campus to quell Americans’ right to protest our own government. Then the American soldiers opened fire and killed 4 of their fellow Americans.

Nixon never called the parents of the fallen. He offered no condolences. Nixon never apologized for anything. Sound familiar?

At the time, polls showed 38% of Americans believed the victims were at fault. ‘They shouldn’t have been protesting!’ ‘They were looking for trouble, and they got it. I support our troops.’

38% of Americans thought it was okay for American troops to gun down AMERICAN protestors on a college campus. These are the same people who bitch and moan about government tyranny infringing on their right to own 50 caliber boomsticks. Did these people have the right to live?

Their deeds will not allow them to return to their God. For a spirit of harlotry is within them, and they do not know the LORD. Hosea 5:4

The people who claim to be “Christian” these days are best at cherry-picking different parts of a book they know little of, and they know even less about others. What these huckster apostates share in common with the Taliban is that they think it is okay to lie to others, if it is in the service of God, which God is Satan.

Less than 24 hours after Rudy Giuliani revealed that Trump has been lying to the American people for months about paying off a porn star, he “did not have sex with,” Trump declared a national day of prayer, and stated finally religious groups will have a say in our secular democratic republic through the new White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative. When Trump swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic, he didn’t know a damn thing about the Constitution, and judging from the frequency with which he wipes with it, he still doesn’t.

That singular act is a violation of Trump’s oath of office.

It was the Jesuits, Huguenots, Quakers, Protestants and Catholics who insisted on a secular government. Not to avoid persecution, but to avoid State religions. Today’s evangelicals do not care about history, nor have they learned from it. They want to control women’s bodies, to control how much pleasure you can feel, and they want you to be servile to their religious beliefs, and yours’ be damned.

It was also revealed today that the FBI has had Cohen under surveillance for a couple of months. The standard to surveil a normal attorney is extremely high. To surveil the President’s lawyer is an impossibly high standard in which a US attorney must have first presented evidence of Michael Cohen committing a crime to the head of the criminal division at the Justice Department. A man named Rod Rosenstein, which he approved. Then the US Attorney had to present these findings to a federal judge, whom he convinced to sign the warrant.

What is even more stunning is that even after it was apparent to legal professionals inside the White House, they knew Trump called Cohen who is the target of a criminal investigation which involves the president. At this point merely calling Cohen is a criminal act of conspiracy and witness tampering. This morning, Rudy again appeared on Fox and Friends, and said because the funds to pay off Stormy Daniels did not come from Trump’s campaign, then there was no campaign issue.

The trouble is there’s a difference between a lawyer and someone who practices law, and Rudy hasn’t been in a courtroom in over two decades. It is a perishable skill, and Rudy just proved as Trump’s “lead attorney” that he knows nothing about campaign finance law. Anything which helps any candidate’s campaign in any way must be disclosed to the FEC, which is considered an in-kind campaign contribution. If you buy a steak dinner for 500 people in the campaign, you must disclose it. If you contribute more than $2700, to help a candidate, you must disclose it to the FEC. It’s a federal offense to not disclose it. Then Rudy proved to the US Attorney that it was, without question, a campaign finance felony by saying,

‘Imagine if that came out on October 15, 2016, in the middle of the last debate with Hillary Clinton.’

This statement proves that this is the exact same in-kind campaign donation which got John Edwards 6 felony charges, and Dinesh D’Sousa sent to prison.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that campaign staff for Trump, who know nothing about the USDA, were given choice jobs inside that department. One gentleman given a senior position at the USDA, who’s previous experience was being a cabana boy, just graduated in 2016. He hires the ‘best people,’ and the ‘smartest people.’

It was also revealed yesterday that Jared Kushner accidentally forgot to disclose more than a billion dollars in debt on his security clearance application. Trump loyalists do not care about minor infractions like this, even though some people at the Justice Department might consider these oversights to be, you know, felonies.

“Fiscal Hawks” have been coincidentally silent about the $480 billion the treasury borrowed in the first quarter -a new record- to cover the loss in revenues from the tax cut they gave rich people. The promised boom in revenue from imagined GDP growth has failed to materialize. The stock market took a 4% drop when Trump started a trade war with China who have simultaneously¬†stopped buying American soybeans. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said, “we’re going to have to endure some pain in the short term.” He wouldn’t say how long this “short term” would be, but we do know he won’t be feeling any of the pain.

EPA secretary Scott Pruitt is now the target of no less than 11 criminal investigations by the Inspector General and Congress after spending millions of tax payer dollars for things like $30,000 bulletproof seat covers, bulletproof furniture and at least $43,000 on a custom phone booth, which is not a SCIF, as he claimed. There’s also the first class air travel, trips to Paris and Morocco. He also got raises for his cronies, and then lied about it. A trip to Disney World, and the $50 a night town home he got from a lobbyist he swore had no business before the EPA, but did. Why does the EPA secretary need 24 hour security when no other EPA chief has ever had that? Well, it’s not because he’s saving kittens and orphans. Pruitt said he needed such extraordinary measures because he has gotten death threats, but has refused to supply evidence of said threats. Pruitt is dismantling the EPA along with every regulation he can to profit business.

Perhaps the worst of the swamp creatures this past week was Mic Mulvaney, who admitted that he would only talk to someone who donated to his campaign. He confirmed, ‘Trump was draining the swamp.’ Sure Mic, and filling it with sewer rats like you. Of course, “Fiscal Hawk” Mulvaney doesn’t care about the exploding deficit under Trump any more than he cared about Bush doing it.

Then there’s Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan playing with the idea of impeaching Rod Rosenstein. Both are members of the House Klan Freedom Caucus. Jordan is the more proficient of the two whom cannot move their thin lips without lying. Jordan is a cunning liar who thinks Benghazi Clinton should be in jail for the child sex ring she ran from that pizza place. Meadows and Jordan need to be on a Thorazine drip in a rubber room because they are rabidly mentally ill.

Trump, like Nixon, is the very worst of us. Republicans are actively trying to destroy our government because they know a Blue Tsunami is coming in November, and their old Washington Two-Step song and dance will be to blame the democrats for not cleaning up their mess fast enough. They are confirming every incompetent Republican stooge they can find, so later they can point their sleek fingers at Democrats when things start going horribly wrong because of their actions. They are aiding and abetting the destruction of our Republic by allowing this Russian asset Trump to run amok every day he soils the office of the Presidency.

Never let them forget it.

Make no mistake, we’re at war with the decades-long brainwashed Fox News Manchurian Candidates. Until Darwin cures this cancer, we must battle their lies with the truth, because this current kakistocracy will quickly devolve into a feudalistic society unless the good people of this country unite to stop the forces of evil bent on destroying everything we hold dear.


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