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A Special Message To My Trump-Supporting Friends

I spoke with a man I know who voted for Trump, who stated a couple of months ago that he didn’t have any regrets when I asked him back then about how he felt. In fact, he and yet another Trump voter both said they still have no regrets.

They both predictably stated he was still better than Hillary. Without really a single thought in their heads as to what they meant/why they thought that. I must once again request that any current day Trump supporters unfriend/block me and never speak to me again.

I’m so tired of these complete freaks that have so little care and no business casting votes that have such broad and negative consequences for so many innocent people in the United States and abroad. Seriously, you are pathetic, you’re clueless and you’re worthless, and irredeemable in your complicity for this freak show and his whoreish assembly of goons, to so wholly be duped by such blatant cheap gimmickry and vile ploys.

What if there was irrefutable proof that Donald Trump colluded with Russia? This Trump supporter said he wouldn’t care.

This Donald Trump supporter doesn't care if he colluded with Vladimir Putin and Russia.
Image: Composite with official portraits of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in the public domain.

So, tonight, I legit asked him if he would care if he found out that Russia was proven to have colluded with Trump in the election, and he said he wouldn’t care. He said this to me in person, to my face, and he wasn’t being sarcastic. He legitimately wouldn’t be bothered by it. Yet, these are the same people who drone on about Hillary being the Secretary of State at the time a deal was done with Russia by the United States, a completely ordinary deal that’s been arranged and going on for decades with both party’s having Presidents serve at the time, and they can’t and won’t let that go, but Trump can literally do anything and they actually and honestly don’t care. He even went on about what he heard on Fox News about “the next school shooting” is going to be done with (antique?) black powder rifles so the Liberals can find a reason to take away all guns of any type from everyone. What a pathetic ass! This is the sort of bullshit people listen to and it actually sounds reasonable and even gives veracity to their paranoid thoughts. God.. damn!

Trump supporters are fools to be sure, but the loyalty they have for him is unequaled and these brain-dead fanatics just parrot the same conspiracies and reasons they’re fed as to why they think Trump is so great, all without substance or truth and it’s blatantly obvious to anyone that’s not a goddamn lunatic. People have been sarcastic in saying how loony Trump supporters can be and they’d not care about him being a proven traitor to this country they honor and supposedly love so dearly, but and it’s actually completely true. This is just bizarre! It’s not surprising, although I’m starting to suspect that so many people are that clueless and shitty because of the chemtrails they talk about. Maybe this is evidence they are not so crazy after all? I mean, well, it made them crazy, but… wait. Okay, so… wait. Forgot it. I have a lot of hate for those scumbags. I used to debate about how people processed the same information differently and how it’s not just stupid people who support Trump, but I’m not making that argument any longer.

I mean it, this is complete madness! Anyone that would be fine with a proven traitor being in the highest position in the country (and world) and wouldn’t care, is good reason to retroactively void ALL votes of people who prove they lack the intellect to decide, believe conspiracies or don’t mind if their Commander-in-Chief is actually a Russian puppet. HOW and WHY should their votes count? That’s criminal! It’s preposterous! By the way, I’m not saying there is empirical proof of Trump colluding with Russia, but the simple fact that these people legitimately would be fine if it was proven to them, beyond any doubt, and it wouldn’t change their opinion or views…. because to them, anything, literally anything, is better than a godless Liberal (to their way of thinking), and they’d rather the world burn than be proven wrong that their paranoia and mental illness is misplaced. WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE ABLE TO LEGALLY VOTE?!

F*ck Trump sign.

Featured image: CC 2.0 Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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