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The White House Press Grendel Is Orwell’s Minister Of Truth Nightmare Come True

I am trying to wrap my head around what Sarah Grendel Sanders just said today. A reporter asked her if she had seen the video of congresswoman Frederica Wilson at the dedication of the FBI building. She said she had. Then he asked if Kelly stood by his comments that she made it about herself.

What John Kelly said yesterday was a lie. A four star general took out his honor and integrity and pissed all over it for Trump. Trump saying Frederica Wilson lied about what he said, was also a lie. Kelly confirmed this. Sanders then said that the comments that caused Kelly to call a sitting member of congress an “empty drum” happened after the ceremony. This also is a face-saving lie.

Confucius presciently wrote, “A man who makes a mistake and does not correct it, is making another mistake.”

John Kelly is not a man of honor. A man of honor would have instantly corrected his mistake and apologized to Frederica Wilson for slandering her so egregiously. Kelly said specifically that Frederica Wilson got up before the crowd and crowed about getting the funding for this FBI building. He did not misremember. He concocted this story to deflect attention away from Trump’s lie about Frederica Wilson.

This lie was meant to deceive, period. This lie is as egregious as wearing unearned medals. A man of honor would eat his gun. Death before dishonor is the creed of every man of honor. It is the *only* way to restore your honor because “Here lays General John Kelly, Gold Star Father, and wanton liar” is too awful a thought to live with.

This is not going to go away. This will only get worse for John Kelly and he deserves all the scorn and ridicule that can be mustered for debasing himself before the American people by lying. When you lie to the anyone, what you are showing them is contempt because you think so little of them that you believe you can lie to them.

We have finally crossed the Rubicon where up is down, black is white and both the President and his Chief of Staff think they can lie to the people and get away with it.

Here’s a video with a news story about the controversy, with Wilson’s dedication speech..

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