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IF God Is Punishing The US, It Is Texas And Florida For Electing Republican Hypocrites

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In the last ten days, we have had a 1000 year storm called Harvey hit Houston and now Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic ocean. Why are these storms destroying the states that have more prayer warriors and God’s defenders? If you listen to a Republican like Ann Coulter or Jim Bakker, God is punishing the country for gay marriage. Somehow they just can’t make that leap in logic because if you are a believer, it’s impossible to think God is punishing you for electing Greg Abbot, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

Those are just the serial climate-change-denying felons who always say they are not scientists but they are sure that man has nothing to do with Climate change. They’re also the scumbags who deride government at every chance by adopting Grover Norquist’s philosophy of ‘strangling our government in a bathtub.’ Grover has taken Reagan’s quote, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” This was the poison pill that saddled Republicans with a new dogma, declared by St. Ronnie hisself, the 12th commandment if you will: Thou shalt wreck the government for which you work and blame thy Democrats for breaking it.

Ever since Reagan spoke those evil words, nobody has illuminated this ‘government is the enemy’ sophistry more than the serial climate change felons above. But there are two dastardly hypocrites, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who have incessantly bemoaned the evils of socialism right up and until they greedily take as much government money as they can for their states when disasters hit their state while denying Sandy victims the same courtesy. Cruz famously lied like the devil he is about Hurricane Sandy being ‘full of pork.’ It sounded good at the time but his assertion has been debunked repeatedly.

“Deficit hawks” like Cruz and Rubio are always so concerned about the deficit and spending right up and until a 1000 year storm dumps 50 inches of rain on them. Then all the sudden, FEMA isn’t invading Texas to put the roving gangs of ignorant rubes into FEMA camps, they’re the socialistic government coming in to pay for a city that didn’t need big government EPA regulations meddling in their city planning like the rest of Republicanistan. Urban planning is just for those uppity liberals with college words and a lot of book-learning that are living off the government teat.

Visit the Fox News message boards and you are sure to discover another point of Republican dogma: Red states pay for the blue states. This is yet another lie which is iterated ad nauseum by the Flock of Blondes on Fox News. The truth is that California alone is a bigger economy than France. If taken alone, it is the 8th largest economy in the world. Republicans, of course, have no use for facts. More than 70% of them think Obama was a Muslim and that he was born somewhere else other than Hawaii.

Florida does make a lot of orange juice and there is Disney World, but do either of those mitigate the sheer depravity of Floridians sending Marco Rubio to gallivant through the US Senate like the perfectly designed imbecile that he is? It’s not that he kneels down before Trump at every chance he gets and kiss the gelatinous side of his ass, he does, it’s that he is another Reagan disciple who barely qualifies for a job licking stamps. Rubio was all for giving dreamers a path to citizenship until he felt the wind from the Republican base barking like howler monkeys that think immigrants are the cause of society’s woe. Rubio is the son of immigrants, so when Trump announced the end of DACA, where was the moral integrity of Marco Rubio to call Trump out for this dastardly reversal? He was silent of course being the absolute coward that he is.

Then there is the crook Florida elected governor, twice. Rick Scott is all the evidence Alex Jones needs to prove his Reptilian humanoid assertions. Not only did Humana pay the largest Medicare fraud fine in US history under Rick Scott, he also blew the dog whistle of welfare fraud for the gullible geriatrics that are too stupid to understand that Rick Scott is in point of actual fact, a lizard. Only a Lizard-humanoid hybrid would have the audacious gall to spend millions of dollars to drug test welfare recipients to gin up business for his wife’s drug testing business. Picking on the poor has always been a favorite Republican pastime.

Sure Louisiana has the most corrupt politicians by volume but after Katrina, they don’t have the temerity to deny Climate change is a thing. Not Rick Scott of course. That Scott is a political whore is no great stretch but to outlaw the Floridian government from even combining the words ‘climate’ and ‘change’ in anything is another level of fascism at its putrid worst.

What makes these scumbags the worst of humanity is how they incessantly bemoan socialism as pure evil while they devour billions in tax payer money to rebuild cities which are destroyed unnecessarily because of their lack of urban planning. Republican stupidity ends up costing tax payers tens of billions of dollars more because they will not do anything to address the changes that climate change is causing. Isn’t it strange that when scientist predict the trajectory of these storms and their frequency at a time when the last ten years have been the hottest ever recorded that Republicans are still not scientists but effect policies that protect the very industrialists who are filling their campaign coffers?

Irma will be the most powerful storm to hit the United States. It has registered the lowest barometric pressure yet recorded in the Atlantic ocean. Irma will wipe most of the Florida Keys away. Miami Beach will have more beach erosion in a 24 hour period than they have in their entire existence. Meanwhile, at least two of their Republican congressman voted against the FEMA funding that just passed. Marco Rubio isn’t a gynecologist either but he sure does have an opinion about abortion that he will never shut up about but he knows enough about climate change to say we can’t do anything about it.

Florida is full of geriatric dementia patients who look at a perfectly qualified executive like Charlie Crist and get into the voting booth and pull the lever for the spawn of a promiscuous harlot and a Komodo dragon because they don’t know better. But reelecting Marco Rubio was no accident and if I can borrow from some famous Republican potato logicians, this is the Almighty’s divine revenge for voting these evil bastards into office. Orange juice is my favorite thing to drink and I love Disney World but neither is worth the damage that Florida caused this nation by putting that treacherous colluding traitor in the White House.



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