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If You Voted Trump, You Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The first thing any Trump Magat likes to say against any ‘libtard’ they come in contact with is, “they ain’t got no common sense.” Well that’s just fucking great isn’t it? I mean what we need is more Johnny Rednecks with oodles of common sense picking out their idea of what a president should be right? At what point do you dunderheaded imbeciles ever look at Trump throwing out 800,000 children who have only known this country and think, “well, time for us to break up some families now” and think that’s the right thing to do?

While you fuckleberries let Fox News shit on your brain every single day to turn your feeble minds against other Americans, the oligarchs are laughing their asses all the way to the bank. Republicans have not and will not ever be ‘better for the economy’ as so many of you infantile morons forget every single time we have a Democrat president serve two terms. Clinton left office with a booming economy that produced surpluses and what was the first goddamn thing Bush did? He proceeded to wreck it with his ruinous tax cuts. You forgot AGAIN what happened when Reagan did the same damn thing and you didn’t care because mortgaging the Millennials’ future didn’t matter to you.

Well, here we are again faced with Republicans failing to do their basic duty of governance to write immigration law. Now we have the The Orange Menace fixing to throw 800,000 dreamers right under the bus and for what? Because you sons of bitches are too goddamn stupid to remember what made our country great, IMMIGRANTS! Your unquenchable thirst for greed has wreaked havoc across our republic. It’s not just the middle class who is hurting, the entire country is hurting because by wrecking unions with your abominable ‘right to work laws,’ Millennials can’t afford to have children. I know you all are tic tac toe players so what that means is that we have a negative population growth.

A negative population growth means there will be fewer and fewer workers who are paying taxes and taking are of the elderly generation. Your desire to saddle students with over a trillion dollars in debt to pay for college has made it so hard for young people to have families that they aren’t having them. Meanwhile we have to constantly relitigate things like abortion because you can’t keep your stupid religious beliefs at church where they belong. All the while the income inequality has become worse than it has ever been in world history and you have assiduously defunded schools to the point that they can’t churn out an educated populace. That’s what the oligarchs want by the way and you all follow them right along because they use your religious beliefs as a weapon against you.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”Mark Twain

All they have to do is start talking about evolution and intelligent design being theories of equal standing and they know you will choose a charter school that will teach the bible over a public school that doesn’t allow one of your gods in it. Republicans do everything imaginable to break our government so they can point their sleek fingers and say, ‘see government doesn’t work’! This is one of the many expenses that threaten our democracy because every single scumbag with an R next to their name wants to abolish the Department of Education and Betsy DeVos is doing her very best to make sure both charter and public schools fail by trying to pay for one out of the other.

More than half of your base still wants to lock Hillary up for imaginary crimes. This is what eating a daily diet of Fox News Bullshit has done to your brains. You listen to a network owned by an Australian and a Saudi Prince about what patriotism means because they hire every stupid fucking white man they can to dupe you into thinking that anyone but the rich are the ones causing all the problems. They lie with a frequency that should have any of you with pitchforks and torches out but because they look like you want to look and appeal to ancient hatreds passed down from our ancestors, you don’t see that they are shaking a baby rattle in your face while stealing the precious resources of future generations.

You’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray by a talented con man. He promised you the moon and you believed him. You ignored just how easily and eagerly the Trumps were to get in bed with Russia because he’s what you wanted. “Just give him a chance,” you said. “Mexico will pay for the wall.” How many lies does he have to tell before you start doing what’s best for the country? Give us a number so we won’t annoy you with them until you can look at the over 1000 documented falsehoods he has already told in his 7 months in office. Clearly 1000 isn’t enough! “Kim Jon Un is not going to get an ICBM.”

Our standing in the world has faltered because of two reasons and two reasons alone, your stupidity and Trump’s incompetence. There hasn’t been a member of the Trump team who has told the truth about meeting with the Russians and plotting to undermine Hillary Clinton. Not. One. Sessions, Manafort, Carter Page, Jared Kushner, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, and Trump himself all LIED about it multiple times. It’s past time for you all to stop listening to propaganda from an Australian and start being Americans instead of the ovine partisans you’ve become!

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