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Unmasking Charlottesville Nazis Is How We Make America Great: Here’s Yet Another

Patriotic Americans across the country have not forgotten the many grandparents who died to free this good earth from Nazism. Many of us feel it is our solemn duty to hold Nazis accountable because to be silent in the face of reprobates chanting, “Jews will not replace us” is effectively complicity in evildoing. The least we can do is make sure that these people wear their hateful choice like a scarlet letter.

Speaking of someone in need of recognition: You’re not going to find Robin Whitt on social media these days. She’s been scarce since she saw a bunch of her Nazi friends get fired from their jobs because they lined up with the Nazi’s and joined their repugnant, hateful chanting a couple of weeks ago. You might find this hair dresser working somewhere near Richland, Texas where she lives with her Portuguese husband, Paolo Florencia.

Outing Charlottesville Nazis is our patriotic duty

Most of you “beta cucks” (in Nazi parlance) might have missed her if you weren’t paying attention to the VICE video of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” which was organized by two perfectly designed imbeciles Chris Cantwell and American Patriots’ favorite punching bag Richard Spencer. Cantwell is presently being held in the Charlottesville jail with no bond after he maced some counter protesters. Cantwell is one of those particularly vile cowards who went viral after crying like the frightened weakling that he is when he learned that he was facing felony charges for his crimes in Charlottesville. His next court date is in December.

After Heather Heyer was murdered, many of the nazis and klansman began to feel the wrath of the public because they are blessedly stupid and let their identities be known after chanting nazi slogans like, ‘blood and soil.’ Most crawled back under the rocks they came from thinking that their disgusting racism was being backed up by the likes of the Traitor-in-Chief. Many were sadly mistaken and felt emboldened to share their vile beliefs as Miss Whitt did on her now unpublished Facebook account. You’ll see why in just a moment.

These pictures are from her social media accounts:

Here is Robin Whitt in the VICE documentary at 6:12. You can see her with her distinct tattoos on both forearms.

Robin married her a Portuguese immigrant in 2015 by the name of Paulo Florencia. You’ll notice that in their wedding photo that Paolo is bald, by choice. He also has a tattoo of Adolf Hitler. Paulo works for Nestle’s in Ft. Worth. The officiant of their wedding is another interesting character by the name of Bryan Wilton.

Wilton claims to be a best-selling author¬†who writes about a religion called Asatru. It’s extremely popular among the sheep-like white supremacist because it is adapted from Norse mythology. You know what wasn’t in Norse mythology? Well, there aren’t any blacks or Jews in Asgard. Here is Robin being the picture of Norse perfection on Wilton’s book:


Asatru purists claim that it is a belief system which abhors racism but that has not stopped the nazis and other forms of human garbage from adapting and adopting it as their own. To peruse Whilton’s profile is to find an array of “alt-right” crypto-nazis wanting to usher in the 4th Reich.

Like any crypto-nazi, Wilton doesn’t like to be called out for the utter idiocy of his irrationality because he is content making a living off of the poor-white-trash who do not have the intellectual fortitude to know a con man at a glance.

Consider the fatuous nincompoopery of Bryan’s post of August 22nd. “Henrik just made an awesome point. The fact that you do not agree with me politically is not grounds to support the morally bankrupt justification for the reprehensible actions people have taken to damage my ability to speak, to write, to determine who I should or should not associate with, where I should be allowed to work, or how I should be allowed to make a living in this society, what statues I am allowed to gaze upon in my community. what books I can read, what I am allowed to say, what I am allowed to be proud of, If you believe that your political affiliation with communism and the democratic party or the narrative of the media at large, gives you the right to disrupt anyone’s life, please kindly go be a c&nt somewhere else.”

Sorry, Bryan but we have every right to call you out for being a crypto-nazi. It was the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “those who passively accept evil without protesting against it, are really cooperating with it.” Eli Wiesel also said, “always choose a side. Indifference aids the oppressors.”

You walk with Nazis and klansman, Mr. Wilton. Only in the most debased alternate universe does someone like you have the intellectual temerity to promulgate sophistry as an ideology which caused millions to die and claim to be anything BUT morally bankrupt. “Those who reserve their laurels for posterity usually have no great crop to spare.” You illuminate Lord Byron’s point perfectly, you awful jackass.

Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are.

These people have every right to be right-wing crypto-nazi lunatics, the same rights of free speech the rest of us hold, but there are consequences to spewing hate and profiting from it. Heather Heyer paid the highest price, with her life, when another crypto-nazi attending this same rally killed her for protesting his hate. Those who attended should be recognized for their part in it.

It’s easy to divide because the weak are attracted to hate. It is the strong who can unite against the forces of hate and who welcome change. Hate has been tried for centuries and it has failed every single time with ruinous results.

Perhaps some of you Nazis would know that if you had ever bothered to learn the anguished lessons of history.

[Editors note: nothing in this article is encouraging anyone to make contact with these Nazis. We just to make sure that people who associate with them or employ them, know who it is they are surrounding themselves with so they can be avoided. We do not need to lower ourselves to their level to win, just expose them, because good people abhor Nazism in all its forms.]

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