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Top Ten Reasons Trump Stared Into The Eclipse (Without Protection)

Google the words “stare at eclipse” and two things will pop up. First, that you DON’T DON’T DON’T do it. Second, that our President (the self-described smartest man alive) just did it.

Why you never stare at the sun, even during an eclipse.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So here:

Use a magnifying glass to focus the sun and you can burn just about anything (paper, wood, ants) in no time. That’s temperatures above 450F.

Well, your eye is a high-tech optical system that concentrates light into tiny spots on your retina (the thingy inside your eye that lets you see). So when you look at the sun, you are essentially burning holes in your retina. Oh and by the way, unlike your skin during a sunburn, your retina won’t heal at all. Any questions so far?

“Yes!” you say. “Why can’t I look at the sun during an eclipse?” After all, the sun can be more than half covered, surely that must make it safe? Not really. You see, during an eclipse, it will take 0.3 seconds to sunburn your retina instead of 0.1 sec.

The only time it is safe to look at the sun with your naked eye is during the brief moments of “totality,” when the whole disk of the sun is covered.

Today’s eclipse was only a partial one in Washington D.C. That means no right-thinking person should have been looking at it. “Who oh why,” you might then be asking, “would Trump do it?” Here are our top ten reasons.

The Top Ten Reasons Trump Stared At the Eclipse.

10. Fox and Friends didn’t tell him not to.

9. Fox and Friends did tell him not to, but he was too busy live-tweeting against Morning Joe during that segment. 

8. Every other mainstream media outlet told him not to, but he refuses to believe their “fake news.”

7. He believes our yellow sun gives him super powers.

6. Using eclipse glasses is something only weak people do. Like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And everyone else on the planet (who isn’t featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos).Trump staring at eclipse.

5. The White House has gone bankrupt paying for Trump’s golf trips, and couldn’t afford $1.99 eclipse glasses.

4. Trump won’t release his tax returns because he’s gone bankrupt, and couldn’t afford $1.99 eclipse glasses.

3. No harm can befall the “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

2. Since he caused the eclipse to happen, it couldn’t possibly hurt him.

No, this isn’t a real tweet.

1. He really is JUST. THAT. STUPID.

Featured image from YouTube.


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