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Christian Hypocrite Josh Feuerstein Is Today’s ‘Dumbest Man Alive’

Josh Feuerstein has long been on my shit list because besides being one of the most self-righteous Christian hypocrites in the evangelical world, he is arguably one of the dumbest white men to have ever stolen oxygen from this good earth. To appreciate the full idiocy of this functionally illiterate simpleton, you have only to spend mere seconds listening to his illogic and drivel.

If you’re a Christian, you might want to leave because you will be offended my dear snowflakes (about a minute and a half is enough to show his base stupidity, the real gem is coming up next):

As much as this might amaze evolution, Josh has managed to find a fertile woman to fornicate with who by some strange happenstance has produced, count them, five, hobgoblins. Darwin stands thoroughly refuted.

Now that we’ve established that Josh is a slack-jowled loser, let’s try to get through this next piece of mental diarrhea without blowing out our diaphragm by laughing so hard. You see, Josh is a good Christian that loves the sweet baby Jesus as much as he loves Confederate monuments and cheese danishes. Why if you are one of these ‘Anti-Fascist limp-wristed pansies’, Josh is about to shart some knowledge on you in truly one of the most epic cases of bubonic dumbfuckery the world has ever witnessed:

When Josh dies and enters the gates of hell — mercy grant it soon — Satan will be there to greet him when he arrives, just so he can lead him to the Pantheon atop¬†Mt. Stupid to see his gluttonous visage chiseled into it by Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell.

Yea, I sayeth unto you dear readers, the extremely portly and rotund philistine Feuerstein is unabashedly stupid. His legendary status among morons will not find an equal for a thousand years. Josh is entirely unaware that there is not a single statue of Mohammed not just in the United States but not even one exists in the entirety of the Muslim world. It is expressly forbidden in the Quran to have even a drawing of the prophet Mohammed. He might know this if he knew of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris.

Feuerstein is apparently allergic to google or has never heard of it. Ever the opportunist to gin up Christian outrage, Josh thinks that tearing down monuments to the Confederacy on public land is the worst thing to happen to America since diet soda.

Logical fallacies are a Christian’s best friend because talking snakes are still a completely believable thing with them.

Never mind that this statue of Baphomet was erected with private money and resides inside a private building owned by the Church of Satan: Josh wants it torn down. Because, he is a member of the Christian Taliban and tearing down a Confederate statue erected for public display, by racists, to intimidate black Americans is the same to him as a privately owned statue¬†inside a church. Nothing would please Rotundo more than to abolish all other religions in the United States — then start forcing the many fornicating sluts who get knocked up by Jesus as punishment for their sins to bear those children — whether they were raped or if their lives were in danger doesn’t matter to the sweet baby Jesus that this apostate worships. Nope, what matters is that the women are subjected to God’s righteous punishment for being naughty and the men-folk are back in charge of their loose “morals.”

Of course, Herr Feuerstein sympathizes with the “alt-right” Nazis — who were chanting Nazi slogans in Charlottesville — because he idiotically thinks that because he has abandoned Judaism for Christianity that Nazis might let him be one of them. The fatuous nincompoopery of this debased imbecile is precisely why we cannot have nice things in this country.

Feuerstein is a misbegotten, reprobated, morally and spiritually deformed creature, and the dumbest Christian apostate hypocrite the world has ever known. When he does die, it will be hard to hear his eulogy over the collective sigh of relief that he has finally shut up.

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