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It’s Not Just Trump. Experts Agree His Spokespeople Are All Flip-Flopping Liars Too.

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It isn’t just Trump who America sees as a “yuge” liar. According to a new survey of 900 public relations professionals across the country, 8 in 10 of them believe White House spokespeople “constantly change their views” and “distort the truth.” Worse still, up to 90% of the P.R. execs in this country would refuse to work for the White House’s communications team, even if Trump himself approached them for the job.

What 900 public relations professionals have to say about the White House spokespeople

new survey has just been published by the USC Center for Public Relations at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. In it, they asked 900 P.R. professionals and executives across all 50 states and the political spectrum about the current White House communications team.

The assessment is pretty bleak. When asked to rate Trump’s spokespeople,

  • Almost 84% of the experts say Trump’s team “constantly change their views/statements”
  • Just over 80% agree they “distort the truth”
  • About 64% agree they “purposefully lie”
  • Only 36% agree they “do their best despite the circumstances”
  • A paltry 32% agree they “work hard to explain the administration’s policies”
  • Only 16% agree they “are treated unfairly by the media”
  • Just 13% agree they “are strategic in their approach”
  • And a measly 12% agree they “act like PR professionals”

Those percentages are also shown below:

Public Relations Professionals Beliefs about White House spokespeople
USC Center for Public Relations

To summarize, about 8 in 10 P.R. experts believe the White House spokespeople constantly change their views, distort the truth, and repeatedly lie. Just 15% agree with the White House’s claim that the mainstream media treats them unfairly. And nearly 9 out of every 10 experts agree that Trump’s communication team are unstrategic and don’t act like P.R. professionals.

Ouch. But wait, it gets worse.

Almost no public relations experts would take a job in today’s White House.

It’s clear that public relations experts not only have very little faith in the current staff but also that “the PR industry would prefer to distance itself from the current White House communications team, whose practices are not reflective of the values of the broader industry,” said Fred Cook, director of USC Annenberg’s Center for Public Relations.

The survey also asked each respondent if they would take a variety of jobs in Trump’s White House if he asked them. Here’s how many would say “no”:

How many public relations professionals would turn down jobs at the White House
USC Center for Public Relations

In short, over 8 out of every 10 P.R. professionals surveyed would turn down every job in the White House’s Communications Department. Only 1 out of every 10 would take up Sean Spicer‘s job of Press Secretary. Same for Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ job of Deputy Press Secretary. And only two out of 10 would accept Kellyanne Conway‘s role of counselor to Trump.

By the way, these aren’t just liberals who would say no. 75% of conservative P.R. experts also said they would refuse the job for Press Secretary, for example.

This confirms out loud what Trump has been hiding for weeks

According to the New York Times, Spicer has been secretly approaching people for weeks to replace him, “sometimes approaching them repeatedly even when they’ve said no.”

Spicer says that few have been a good fit. But with 90% of P.R. experts saying Spicer and crew have seriously damaged the public relations profession, it seems far more likely that potential candidates are fleeing the call, for fear of Trump ruining their careers as well.

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