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This Week, Trump Made Less Sense Than An 8-Year-Old

Back from his first international trip, Trump is receiving a lot of bad press. His solution? As always, discredit anyone who says anything negative about him. But Sunday was different. He laid bare his total lack of logical reasoning and leaving us longing for a President who is able to make sense.

Ignorance and incoherence are the new normal

Consider this snippet from The L.A. Times on May 22:

Just arrived in Israel on Monday, and speaking here alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump insisted, “I never mentioned the word or the name Israel.”

“They’re all saying I did,” he said, pointing to reporters. “So you have another story wrong. Never mentioned the word Israel.”

Published reports have not said that Trump identified Israel in his May 10 Oval Office meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador to the United States, only that he divulged intelligence from an unnamed allied country that did not want it shared.

This distinction hasn’t been lost on the media or the public. The Atlantic described it as Trump acting “like the 8-year-old who, his hand caught in the jar filled with chocolate chip cookies, adamantly insists that he has not filched a single oatmeal cookie.” That was just the tip of the iceberg of shameful moments from that trip.

Then there’s his blatant lie that his wheeling and dealing in Saudi Arabia saved the USA millions of jobs. His bogus claim of a skyrocketing approval rating. The revelation that Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and ersatz number two in the White House, set up a secret back channel with Russia. Former CIA Director Brennan told Congress that Russian officials did contact Trump staff to try to influence them. And on, and on…

So upon return to the States, and facing a firestorm on all sides, he chooses to further escalate his crusade against the so-called “fake news media.”

A real war against a phantom menace

Americans got treated Sunday to yet another early-morning nonsense accusation. This one was that “fake news media” make up all the information they claim has been leaked by the government.

This was followed quickly by Trump insisting that blind sources in “fake news media” are made up as well.

By the way, he had to delete and retweet that second one, because they didn’t teach spelling at Trump University.

Who are the “fake news media,” anyway? CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, among others. The ones who research their stories, provide evidence and sources, and above all, who fact check. Don’t forget, that makes them the “enemy of the people” (he was even nastier in this tweet that he deleted):

But not Fox News. Fox can do no wrong in his eyes. Yet they publish leaks and use blind sources too. The difference is that they jump to Trump’s defense a lot more often in their editorials and news analyses that always conspicuously start with “some would say.”

So this war to discredit the media is just a crusade against those who publish the inconvenient truth of unflattering stories. How do we know? Because, later that day, Trump verified that leaks made to the media about the Manchester, U.K. attack were true.

Hold on! First leaks are false, then they are made up, and then they are true. All within 2 hours. So which is it?

The final straw: Trump’s utter lack of any logic

By now we should all be used to Trump’s endless flip-flopping. After all, it just confirms he’s a liar. And we should be used to his rambling incoherence. But it’s his inability to demonstrate any logical coherence that should put us all over the edge.

The world is full of logical fallacies. Famous in the Conservative playbook are the “strawman” (trying to disprove a person’s argument by making unrelated claims) and the “ad hominem” attack (disprove a person’s claim by attacking them personally). Think Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” and Trump’s incessant name calling.

But recently, they’ve started using a few new ones, namely, the “burden of disproof” and “assuming the conclusion.” The first is the insistence that something is true because it can’t be proven false. The second is a group of people insisting something is true by both quoting each other’s claims. These are specialized forms of “begging the question” (the circular reasoning of insisting something is true because a person assumed it was in the first place) and “appeal to authority” (something is true because a person who claims to be an expert says so).

And this leads us to Trump’s last tweet on Sunday, a logic salad that laid bare just how unhinged his brain actually is.

Let’s break this down a little more. First, we know the mainstream media uses sources and backs up their claims with evidence, but Trump insists they are liars and their stories are all false. We can’t disprove him because he never gives any evidence of his claims of this so-called fake news. Actually, he never gives any evidence at all for any of his claims, so his only argument is that we must believe him because he says so. If those sound familiar, you aren’t alone. That’s “burden of disproof” and “assuming the conclusion” in pure form.

Then there’s that last tweet, shifting the attention to how victimized he is. He might as well have said, “Look, they attack what I say and how I say it, which proves how much they lie when I just tell the truth.”

“Trust me America, because I say so.”

Wow. That holds less water than a sieve. With that kind of logic in his head, its no wonder he’s at total peace trafficking in endless lies. Our President is utterly convinced he is the exact opposite of everything he really is. The only supporting evidence that the man tells the truth, has the best words, makes sense when he talks or makes sound judgments, is that he says so. It’s the greatest logical fallacy of all.

Remember that analogy earlier of Trump acting like an eight-year-old who denies stealing an oatmeal cookie from a jar full of chocolate chip? I had an eight-year-old. And let me tell you, there were lots of times when he made just as much sense as the President. He had just as many tantrums as well. Thankfully, he always knew, to tell the truth.

Ask yourself, America, no matter how much you hated Obama, Bush, Clinton, or even Reagan as he lost his memory, did any one of them, in even their darkest hour, approach this level of incompetence in the most basic reasoning and rational thinking?

We say no. And that, ladies and gentlemen, truly is “so sad.”

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