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Hilarious Inauguration Day Moments–A Bad Lip Reading (VIDEO)

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is over, but were you left wondering what happened up close and personal between the incoming and outgoing administration?

Have you been agonizing over what Melania said to Michelle as she handed her that Tiffany’s box? Or if Trump and Obama get along like Trump claims they do? Was George W. Bush secretly crushing on Michelle? What was Hillary thinking? Did Donald have Inauguration Day anxiety?

Wonder no more!

Forget everything you “think” you heard during the ceremony because you apparently weren’t listening and neither were the folks at “Bad Lip Reading.” So, they did the next best thing, pulling back the veil of mystery and filling in the audio with their own version of dialog.

Michelle Obama asks George W., “Are you wearing a ‘big boy’ shirt?”

To which he chuckles and replies, “Yeah. And I probably never will again.”

Republicans and Democrats can finally find some middle ground and agree that this is hilarious.