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ACLU Gets Judge To Temporarily Block Trump’s Terrible Muslim Ban (Videos)

Severe Travel Ban On Seven Muslim Countries But None On Those Trump Does Business With?

Inauguration Day

Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union, (ACLU) have convinced a U.S District Judge in Brooklyn to halt deportation of immigrants coming in from the 7 countries on Donald Trump’s Muslim ban list. The temporary stay, which was issued late Saturday evening, reportedly prevents anyone currently held in detention at airports nationwide from being deported to their country of origin. It is not clear how long this block will last or whether people being detained would be allowed to go home with their families in the U.S.

Several protests erupted at New York City’s JFK airport, as well as Dulles International, Denver and O’Hare in Chicago, after the news of the Trump administration’s policy reverberated around the country and abroad. Protesters also gathered late into the evening at the Brooklyn courthouse where the temporary judgement was handed down. Cheers and chants busted from the crowd after hearing the news. A much larger, jubilant crowd at JFK also celebrated the first victory against the ban.

“The petition has a strong likelihood of success in establishing that the removal of the petitioner and others in similarly situated violates their due process and equal protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution, Judge Ann Donnelly reportedly wrote in her decision. But the fight is not over for the policy encompasses so much more.

Trump’s immigration ban signed into effect through executive order, immediately suspended all to travel to the U.S. from seven Muslim countries, including war torn Syria, Yemen, Iran and Iraq for 90 days.  All refugees were banned for 120 days. Interestingly,  Saudi Arabia, where most of the 19 terrorists responsible for the horrific attack on 9/11, were not on the president’s list of banned countries, neither was Turkey, another country with frequent terrorists attacks. Critics have pointed out that Trump has business ties in those countries. The implication is too reprehensible to even contemplate but is the president monetizing his policy decisions and putting all of the country at risk to do so?

My Take

Now that I have given you the polite news above, let me give you my take on the maniacal madman ensconced in the White House surrounded by his band of clansmen.  Something else must be going on here, because as intellectually challenged as Trump is, he is not completely stupid and so he must know his dizzying array of executive orders will have a backlash. One thing is certain, while he signs chaotic and improbable orders, no one is pushing for him to divest to eliminate his current massive conflict of interest or show his tax returns–so the American people can know who he is in bed with financially.

Then there is the incredible danger he is putting our armed forces in with this ban. They depend on the help of many in those countries to fight terrorism but what did Trump think would happen when he targeted over 240 million people in the region? The idiocy and irresponsibility here are mind-boggling.  A Commander-In-Chief who deliberately puts his military in harms way or undermines their ability to do their job effectively,  should not only be removed, he should be impeached.

Moreover, Trump wants to make exemption for Christians to enter the U.S. from those banned countries, which adds another dirty layer to the already terrifying order. Like the gold star father said during the campaign, has this man ever read the Constitution? This clearly violates people based on their religion and is compounded by the exemption of Christians.

Another despicable observation: did Trump-The-Terrible deliberately sign this Muslim ban on the day when the Holocaust was observed? With white supremacist Steve Bannon whispering in his ear, anything is possible. Begin the persecution of a people on the day the world remembered when another group were annihilated while the horror was ignored. Way to go, making America great again.

(Below videos on parts of protests at NYC’s JFK Airport and more on Trump’s ban).




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