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Racist Slug Hits Black Actor: Then Stalks Him For Further Harassment (VIDEO)

Let's hope this racist doesn't represent all of Reno, Nevada


It seems that Trump has exposed the fact that racism in America was far from dead just because we elected our first black President. Even if racist apologists like Jim McWhorter of Forbes would have liked you to believe that it was, in fact, breathing its death rattle. 

These people didn’t just happen overnight. They have been here. And now that their fascist leader has taken center stage, they feel that they too may now enter the mainstream, no longer afraid to show how much they hate people of color. Unless that color is the hue of Cheetos.

Let’s hope this racist doesn’t represent all of Reno, Nevada

Actor and singer Elijah Ahmad Lewis was just going to grab a sandwich before sound check. As he was walking down the street, Elijah says he heard somebody behind him yelling obscenities.

Elijah says he turned to see who the person was having an altercation with and saw that there was nobody else there. He was being targeted by this waste of existence.

Mr. Lewis, being a black man in America and likely having experienced hatred like this throughout his life, decided to shrug it off and keep walking. But we all know that isn’t good enough for racist trash in Trump’s America. Ignoring her just made this vile pond scum angrier and she began pursuing him through the streets of Reno, Nevada.

Elijah alleges that the racist then charged at him and struck him in the back of the head. He says that he had just enough time to defensively push her back and pull out his phone to start recording. That was when things got even worse.

She struck Elijah again for recording her bigoted hatred toward him. At first, she attempted to hide her face from the camera, likely fearing she would have some form of consequence for committing this racist hate crime. As Elijah continued on his way keeping his camera steadily pointed at her, she decided she no longer cared if she was identified and began following Elijah through the streets of Reno yelling racial epithets at him.

This putrid human being and I use the term “human” loosely, is yet another in the many examples of emboldened racists attacking minorities throughout the U.S since Trump’s rise to power.

That there doesn’t seem to be anybody willing to step up and stop this kind of hatred in the video is disturbing. Do not sit idly by while others suffer. Speak out and stand in solidarity with a victim of hate and abuse like this. That likely would have meant the world to Mr. Lewis.

If you know who the woman in the video is, please alert us in the comments of this article, we would love to send it to her employer. Also, please immediately call the Reno police department and inform them of who she is as they are still looking for this disgusting waste of space. They can be reached at (775) 334-2175.

Watch Elijah recount his ordeal below and share with us the video he captured of the absolute insanity he experienced just trying to get a sandwich while black. Be warned, while Elijah is very well spoken, the language she uses is not for the faint of heart and is rather graphic.




(featured image via screengrab)