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Inane Trump Spox Claims He “Absolutely Gains” Power Attacking John Lewis (VIDEO)

katrina pierson trump attack on lewis gains political power pierson
Katrina Pierson says attacking John Lewis gains Trump political clout

At the risk of being called out for keeping stupid people famous — Katrina Pierson is back like a bad penny (or a post-apocalyptic cockroach). This time she is bringing her dogged hero worship of the bully Trump out to display like a first time mom with a bronzed “First Diarrhea” plaque. Pierson claims that Trump actually GAINS political “clout” (read: power) by attacking the civil rights hero John Lewis because Lewis dared to speak the truth about the effect that Russian interference has had in delegitimizing Trump as President.

It seems that what Fox News wants their audience to take away from this is a pseudo-conspiracy theory. Fox News host Clayton Morris mentions that any form of fundraising is cause for alarm bells, for him. He then proceeds to intimate that simply because Trump’s actions are so anathema to American values, people are willing to open their wallets to fight him, then the Dem’s may have some more sinister plot behind Trump’s attack on John Lewis. The idea not quite spoken is that this may be a clever ruse to fundraise, or that the fundraising renders the truth meaningless. He didn’t come out and say that clearly. He just encouraged people to get alarmed about something if there was fundraising. After saying there is fundraising. Sadly, Fox’s audience is so geared towards accepting their propaganda there will be some that believe it.

Now, back to Katrina Pierson, who actually conflates the bullying and off topic attack on Rep. John Lewis with “actually gain[ing] political clout.” Because Trump threw a tantrum on twitter, on issues that were untrue or unrelated to the debate at hand (ad Hominem, Trump, bad form!) Pierson thinks it somehow elevates him.

Pierson said:

“He attacked Donald Trump!” Pierson told Fox News host Clayton Morris on Sunday. “And Donald Trump also has a First Amendment right to defend himself. So this criticism is not fair. And it’s never supposed to be fair for Republicans because Republicans are supposed to sit down, shut up and be publicly humiliated and never defend themselves.”

Like many a bully enabling ninny who has come before her, she is just glad to see him lashing out. For many (enough to make fundraising effective), however, it is hard pressed to equate this behavior with his impending office. It belittles both him and the office. It is bullying, and bad debate, and off topic flailing, but Katrina Pierson is trying to make the argument that it somehow gives him the equivalence to political “street cred?” Republicans have not really been pulling many punches “defending themselves” over the past 8 years.

“And all that changed with Donald Trump entered the arena,” she continued. “And he said several times, ‘If you attack me, I will hit you back.’ That’s exactly what happened here. This is what Democrats do. They pick a fight and they play the victim.”

We don’t measure a president by his ability to lash out wildly at any detractor, Katrina. People becoming righteously angry that a civil rights hero is being attacked by a squash-playing, draft-avoiding, not-right-in-the-head, bully isn’t playing the victim card. It is standing up and putting their money where their values are. Trump’s entrance to the arena freed us up to speak the truth, even the painful truth, and just because they don’t like it being said they are not going to shut us up. Free speech is free, but not from consequences. The ramifications of what a president or president-elect says are going to be greater, the backlash harder, and he is going to have to find some really good ointment for that ultra-sheer skin of his.

We are tired of the fact that liberals are the ones actually expected to shut up and take Republican abuse. They are just going to have to get used to taking some of their own medicine.

Watch the interview, here. Warning, it is Fox… full-on Fox spin incoming:

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