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Trump Bombshell: ‘Hillary Was Born In Kenya And I Have Proof’

Could this be "Hillary" Clinton's Birth Mother?

MAR-A-LAGO: Goodyear Satire Co.–

Donald Trump made a startling announcement via a twitter storm that is sure to upend this election.

Trump’s tweets tell the twisted tale that began with doubts about Hillary Clinton’s true gender and her name, and flowered into a disqualifying realization that “she” was born in Kenya under the masculine name “Hilmar Rodham.”

Just as Trump did when he proved Barack Obama was born in Kenya, he relies on official records unearthed in Chicago and Kenya.

Cunningly, he first offered Hillary Clinton a challenge, trolling for her response.

Trump knows Hillary is on twitter constantly, what with her multiple cell phones. When she doesn’t respond, he trolls her again.

When she failed to admit or deny he pounced, like a billionaire cat.

Then he administered his coup de graceless:

Not only is Hillary not a woman; she’s a secret Muslim, just like the Pretensident Obama!

It’s time for the proof.  Here it is, her Kenyan Birth Certificate:

Trump then tweets Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate… from the same hospital in Kenya.

“Obama and Clinton… both Muslim men, both born in Kenya. Sad, so sad,” says Trump as he figures out their dastardly scheme. 

“I don’t know what scam those people in Kenya are running,” says Trump, “But whatever it is, I want a part of it.”



Photo credit:

Cover Photo Secretary Clinton Meets With AU Chair-Designate Dlamini-Zuma by U.S. Department of State from United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump By Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons



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